Date Title Author Play
12/15/2019 Where Heaven Meets Earth Pastor John Vaughn
12/08/2019 Jesus' Heart for Children Pastor John Vaughn
12/01/2019 Us vs Them Isaac Derr
6/9/2019  The core of desperation Pastor Eric Livingston
3/17/2019 Zacchaeus Pastor Kim Bacon
3/10/2019 Bad Attitude Pastor Eric Livingston
8/19/2018 When Faith is a Fight Pastor John Vaughn
8/12/2018 Lessons from the life of Joseph, Genesis 41, "God Has Not Forgotten You" Pastor Eric Livingston 
6/10/2018 Ten Commandments-Honor Others Pastor Eric Livingston 
6/3/2018 The Ten Commandments-Honor Your Mother and Father Pastor Eric Livingston 
5/27/2018 Untitled Pastor Arnetta Ivy
5/6/2018 Untitled Pastor Cindy Shaw
4/29/2018 What's in a Name? Pastor Eric Livingston 
4/22/2018 Connecting Pastor Scott Smith
4/8/2018 The Ten Commandments—What Are They About? Pastor Eric Livingston   
4/1/2018 What are you Holding On Pastor Eric Livingston  
3/18/2018 Finding the Church in the Prodigal Son Story Pastor Eric Livingston  
3/11/2018 GO AND SEE Pastor John Vaughn
2/18/2018 Where Did That Come From? - Guarding Your Heart Pastor Eric Livingston 
1/14/2018 You Can Do This-Forgive and be Forgiven Pastor Eric Livingston 
1/7/2018 Control Your Thoughts Pastor Eric Livingston
 12/24/2017 Expectations of Coming Home Pastor Eric Livingston